Small things- from November, 2018

Some days, it’s the little things:

  • The fellow playing accordion in front of the restaurant downstairs, I remembered to drop some coins in my pocket so I could toss him a few.
  • The marché paysans twice a week, I at least buy a loaf of fresh bread, some falafels and houmous (yeh, “hummus”) for brunch, vegetarian paella if available.
  • Last Sunday at the marché there was a “poète public” so of course I bough a poem, you betcha.
  • Before I default to Amazon I’ll cruise the marchés des livres and pick up a book or two. Likewise, looking for a particular travel book for a friend, I’ll see if Librairie la Géosphère has or can get it.
  • The couple running the little restaurant downstairs are so friendly  . . . but they’re closing up Tuesday and Wednesday while he has a heart procedure (I’m assuming angioplasty from the sound of things) so I’m making sure to eat an extra lunch or two there before then.
  • So much going on today in the Place de la Comédie ! Including a group promoting vegetarian eating, so I happily told one young lady that I already eat vegetarian, and we shared smiles.