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Don’t feed the Russian trolls

At this point it’s reasonable to assume that anyone stirring things up on social media with pro-fascist, pro-nazi, pro-Trump, anti-liberal fulminations is probably a Russian troll being paid to inflame and distract. And it’s now incumbent on those folks to prove that they’re not.

Keep your eyes on the impeachable offenses, follow the money, and ignore the distractions. And don’t feed the Russian trolls.

What if. . . ?

The Republicans are going to pass this abomination of a tax bill come hell or high water (or both). Is it possible that, once they have the president’s signature, they’ll be ready to dump him? In which case, get on with the tax bill − it can be changed later, when sanity returns − and move on to impeaching Donny!

Asking for a friend. . .