How much must it cost?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), signed into existence by Richard Milhous Nixon hisself, is no longer in the business of protecting the environment.

I’ve been telling my kids for several years, whenever they’ll listen to me briefly ranting, that the smog over Los Angeles, and the rancid brown muck that was the harbor in San Pedro, were not cleaned up out of the goodness of oil companies’ hearts. No one ever voluntarily cut their output of pollutants if it cost them a dollar. It all happened because the state and federal governments made them do it, and made not doing it cost dollars.

The free market does not produce clean air and water; it’s not profitable.

So how do we make Donny and his buddy Pruitt get back in the business of protecting the environment? Maybe it has to cost them, deep deep in their pockets, to not do it.