What I did on my winter break

. . . or, really, what I am doing:

  • Finished digitizing the last of my LPs, and packed the keepers (Zappa, Beefheart, Tull) away in LP-sized storage boxes
  • Nearing the end of ripping CDs
  • Since Tuesday, watching Dr. Who marathon on BBC America (via Sling), leading up to the Christmas Special on Christmas evening (which again conflicts with the start of the Sydney-Hobart Race)
  • Reading
    • The History of Modern France, by Jonathan Fenby
    • What Unites Us, by Dan Rather
  • Saw The Last Jedi yesterday, in 3D because that’s what screened at the earliest available showing, 10:30 a.m.; bought tickets via Fandango and learned how to pick it up from kiosk at the theater (Cinelux Capitola)