The movers are here, packing up books, CDs, DVDs/Blu-rays, magazines, kitchen and clothes. No furniture, no lamps, no chairs. Packing today, loading the container tomorrow.

The sound of packing tape as it tears off a roll is intense enough that I put on headphones and am listening too Michael Gandolfi’s From The Institutes of Groove. I’ve seen and heard Gandolfi at Cabrillo Festival several times, and I’m growing to enjoy his work.

Yesterday I packed and repacked the suitcases and carry-on, weighing each to ensure they’ll be under 50 pounds, checking and rechecking that I have all the right documents in the right places, especially passport & visa with the tickets in the carry-on (LL Bean messenger bag).

P.S. — Six hours later, and the major part of my life is in a moving truck heading toward Fremont, where it will be unloaded into the container that will transport my life to France.  Mixed emotions.