First Saturday in Montpellier

One of my goals for today was to acquire a shopping trolley/caddy/cart (see examples, know as “poussettes de marché,” here Galeries Lafayette poussettes). I credit Linda Oestereich with alerting me to their existence and utility, additional nod to the Oui In France blog After lugging the 15-pound-bowling-ball equivalent cat through several airports, the utility of a rolling shopping bag is obvious.

Additionally, my cursory reconnaissance of the nearby markets suggested I would more likely find some kitchen necessities (measuring cup, for example) at the huge Carrefour store near Lattes. Which is a relatively easy tram ride from here (Line 1 from Leon Blum to Gare St. Roche, transfer to Line 3 to Boirargues).

So, out I ventured (after the suitcase delivery, see preceding post).

First task checked off the growing list by finding a Photomaton booth, which takes passport-quality photos, five for 5€. I need one for my TAM senior card, so that’s out of the way.

Next, into the Carrefour. Found the poussettes aisle, checked the features, and opted for the grey 40€ unit with bonus cold-keeping compartment over the red 25€ option. Another task checked off. Then selected a measuring cup, trio of scissors, and inexpensive teflon-lined sauce pan the right size for morning oatmeal (the apartment comes with rather largish pans). Added some bottled fizzy water (Badoit) and headed for checkout. Where the cashier didn’t understand at first that I was holding up the poussette for him to scan my purchase. . . He thought I was demonstrating that it was empty, I had to insist I was buying it. We all laughed.

Then back to Antigone via tram, feeling Saturday was off to a good start.