TaM Tram

In Montpellier, the subway is all above-ground (<< joke, ha ha). It’s known as the Tram, and is run by an agency known as TaM: Transport Agglomération Montpellier, which refers to the Montpellier metropolitan area (“métropole Montpellier”).

Of course they offer discounts to students and seniors (defined as over 60). Cost for a full year card, 321€, or about $365. A buck a day to ride wherever the Tram goes.

I got mine today. Made an appointment online for 10:00 today, showed up early, was called up early; card, complete with photo, created and I was out the door at 9:59, a minute before my appointment was scheduled. Tried it out on the Tram back to Antigone, worked immediately. A satisfied customer.