Pet passport – check!

Used to be that bringing a pet into another country frequently meant a multi-month quarantine. No more. Now one can get a “pet passport,” which consists of a certification first from a qualified vet that the pet is healthy and up-to-date on rabies shots and such, and second an endorsement from the USDA that said certificate is valid.

One of the requirements is that the pet have a microchip ID in place. Simon had one, but it was an older non-ISO-compliant 10-digit model. So we placed a second chip, the 15-digit model, a few weeks ago. Simon is now truly bionic.

The next requirement is that the health certificate has to be completed by the vet within 10 days of travel (arrival in country). We had that appointment yesterday. Then the USDA endorsement. . . which can be done via FedEx, but when time is short, well, one drives to the nearest USDA office. In Sacramento. That was today’s adventure. So I’m now home with a duly stamped and embossed health certificate, Simon’s pet passport.

P.S., dated 17 October 2018: Turns out no one in France cares. But if anyone ever asks, I have the paperwork.

P.P.S., The agent at SFO asked to see the pet health passport, so Simon probably wouldn’t have gotten on the plane without it.

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