Adventures in international shipping

Today’s tasks entailed making final backups of files on both the iMac and the external drives, disconnecting the iMac from the internet, and clearing it off before recycling.

And. . . More shipping. I packed up the external drives and USB-3 hubs and took them to the UPS Store for packing and shipping. I plan to buy a new iMac in Montpellier; this one is nearly six years old, and not worth the cost to ship.

Then, it was off to the Aptos post office with two suitcases and a box. The box has five jackets to get me through my first winter in France. The suitcases (one carry-on size, the other a smallish not-so-carry-on) are crammed with books and assorted files that I’ll need long before I have a place to unload Monday’s container into. Yes, USPS will take your suitcase and send it Priority Express International, 6-10 days delivery, for less than UPS will charge, or even the specialty luggage shipping companies. File that for reference!

Also: A shout-out to Sylvia at the Aptos post office, for her cheerful assistance today.