Nous sommes ici

After a relatively painless flight from SFO > CDG > MPL, Simon and I are settling in to our apartment in Montpellier. Well, Simon’s hiding somewhere, as usual in such circumstances.

He did remarkably little complaining considering the indignity of being lugged through airports and stuffed under seats. The biggest challenge for both of us was getting through security, since one has to carry the animal through the metal detector while the carrier goes through the x-ray machine.  In Paris, a security inspector actually helped get Simon back into the carrier with a hearty “Allez,  Minou !” (He said he has two cats of his own.)

Dennelle, my connection in Languedoc, met us at the airport, took us to a garden store that also has pet supplies, so Simon now has a new litter box, litter, and food. And I have plans for tomorrow with Dennelle to finish off banking tasks, mail the OFII form, and get a phone plan.